11 January 2011

Social Networks

My boyfriend and I always view things differently. For example, I believe its ok if we don't spend everyday together; he believes it means I just don't want to spend time with him. I believe it's healthy to have both male and female friends (as long as both parties respect the relationship); he believes its a gateway to cheating. I believe it's ok to be on social network sites (if you trust and know your partner then there's no reason to doubt the intentions for being on such sites); he believes it's a gateway to cheating.

I know no one is perfect. At one point or another we have all probably been cheated on or done wrong so it can shift the way we think or feel about things. I know this. But every relationship is different. You can't punish the next person for what the last person did.

In saying that, my boyfriend has a problem with me being on social networking sites; mainly facebook. In his mind I'm going to come across someone, become interested and then dump him for the new guy. This couldn't be further from the truth. I'm an aspiring model. Half the time I'm looking at magazine contests or agency open calls. I love catching up with my family and friends who are on there. Am I cheating? No. Do I have any intention of cheating? No. Have I had the opportunity. Sure. I'm sure he has too. What it comes down to is trust. I feel like he doesn't really know me if he feels I could so easily stray.

My question is: does my continuing to be on facebook give him grounds to break up with me? Does his lack of trust in me give me grounds to break up with him? Or are we complete opposites anyway and it's just a matter of time before we break up?

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