07 February 2011

You're Welcome?

I got a message on facebook this past Friday from someone I went to high school with. In the message she said she and an old friend had been talking about me. Naturally, I became curious. So I sent her a message back asking how she had been and lightly touched the subject by saying something like, "I hope nothing but good things were said." Her response was her phone number. Now, I'm not too jazzed about calling, but again, curiosity got the best of me. So I give her a ring and she lets it run through to voicemail. Now, I gotta admit I'm slightly annoyed by this. I mean, I don't exactly answer unknown numbers myself, but I would if I had given my number out. Anyway, I leave a voicemail. Twenty minutes later I get a call back. So the conversation quickly goes from, "Omg, how have you been?" to "So, who were you gossiping with and what were you whores saying?" Her response still kinda has me in shock. I know I've done alot of shit in my life, but this one I have NO MEMORY of doing.
To understand, let me take you back a bit. My senior year of high school I had an internship at NASA. Half a day I went to school and the other half I went to work. NASA's internship was kind of a big deal so only 5 of us were selected to go. We had a bus driver named Joseph who picked us up every day from school, took us to work and then picked us up from work and took us back to school.

Fast forward to our conversation. 

Her: Guess who's been dying to talk to you.
Me: Who? Someone from school?
Her: An old friend of ours.
Me: Um...  
Her: One word: NASA.
Me: I have no idea.
Her: (Giggles) He use to pick us up from school and work.
Me: The bus driver? You kept in touch with the bus driver?
Her: (Laughs) I married the bus driver!
Me: (Jaw Drops) What?!!! How in the hell did you do that?!
Her: It's all thanks to you! 
Me: Me? What?!.... 
Her: We've been trying to find you for years to thank you! We searched myspace and it said you hadn't been on there in over a year. So then I thought, hmmm, let me check facebook and there you were! So, thank you! 
Me: Um... what? Why would you thank me? 
Her: The letter you wrote. You practically hooked us up!
Me: Letter? What letter?
Her: (Laughs) You don't remember? Omg, you gave him a letter with my number and your address and told him to keep in touch. He called me and we've been together off and on since after we graduated; I guess about 10 years now. We got married two years ago and even have a baby girl. Our daughter just turned one. All thanks to you! So again, thank you.  
Me: Congrats, but I never wrote a letter.
Her: Yes you did! He kept it. He still has it somewhere. I need to show you. We should get together. I want us to keep in touch. I mean, all this wouldn't be possible without you.
Me: (Jaw Drops- Confused Face) I really don't remember writing a letter. I mean, I'm really happy for you guys and all, but I don't think I had anything to do with it.
Her: Yes you did! I'll show it to you one day. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. None of this would have been possible had it not been for you. He's my best friend and now husband. And so yea, thanks.
Me: (Still in Shock Face) Wow. Congratulations.

Ok, so apparently I wrote and gave a letter to Joseph. In the letter, I wrote her number along with my address and asked him to keep in touch. Why would I do this you ask? I have no fucking clue. I have no memory of this letter. I have no memory of giving anyone's number out. And I sure as hell have no memory of EVER giving some guy my address. 

I'm happy everything worked out for them, but I kinda don't want to be the "reason" behind it. Is it wrong I want no association to how they "hooked up?" Is it weird that she married the bus driver? Lol  

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