08 March 2011

I got this letter from a guy one of my sisters used to date. He and I weren't particularly friends, so I'm a little confused as to why he's writing me. As I'm reading I find it's basically an "I hate your sister for ruining my life and I want to bitch about it to someone who knows her" type of letter. I'm reading things like "she has no decency" and "how can I trust anything she's ever said?" and all I can think about is why is he involving me? Why is this guy unloading all the drama that went down between them onto me? Does he really expect me to respond? Should I respond? Then as the letter comes to a close, he says, "Now that that is out of the way, how are you? Are you still single? I'd love to hear from you." I just about DIED.

Seriously guys, I know one way to stick it to an ex is to date, flirt or fuck one of their friends or family members, but come on. That only works when the person you're getting your revenge with wants to date, flirt or fuck you. And can I also just say that you're probably a vagina in the first place for taking your aggressions out on someone other than the person you felt wronged you. It's like me confronting one of my exes brothers or sisters instead of them. Would I really do that? No. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to confront my ex or let some foreign object confront his car for me. HaHa .. Nah, I wouldn't do that last part. I was just thinking of that Carrie Underwood song. Anyway, thats besides the point. Point is, the letter was completely pointless. Especially since we aren't even "cool" like that.

Then again, I can honestly say I've written letters/thoughts down on pieces of paper that I would of liked to have said to my exes faces. Did I ever do anything with them? Of course not. It was something that was done to release everything from my head. Should I give the guy props for actually mailing his out? Or is he a douche because he didn't actually mail them to my sister?

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