16 May 2011

I absolutely love books! The inner nerd in me wants to one day have a house big enough to have a gigantic library in it. I've always had a love affair with reading. There is just something so magical about getting lost in a great book. I've travelled all over and been on some really incredible journey's because of reading. My mom and sister surprised me over the weekend with a trip to the local Barnes & Noble. I can literally sit there for hours with no complaints. It's easily one of the few places that make me happy. Call me a geek or lame... I really don't care. I mean seriously, there is something in there for everyone. Whether you're a history buff, learning to cook, into art, fascinated by the beyond, or just seeking a good laugh there is a section for everyone and everything. I found this hysterical book called You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News. Lol .. How awesome is that?! =)

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