31 May 2011

I love this picture. I loved this moment, actually. It's funny the things we remember. That night we were at our bar drinking, talking shit, listening to music and celebrating my birthday. It was a fantastic night. There's nothing like a group of people coming together to celebrate something. I didn't know half the people there, but   the drinks were flowing and the laughs were endless.

I chose this picture though, because it represents something to me. As blind as I feel right now, I face the future with a big goofy smile. It scares the hell out of me to know that I'm so close to graduating, but yet I don't have the money to continue on with my education. It's nerve wrecking to know that each day I face a possible lay off at work because the city is facing budget problems. It's depressing to even fathom that the goals and dreams I live to accomplish may just be that; dreams. Still something inside of me tells me that everything will be okay. I awake to a new day with new opportunities and reasons to smile. As of yet, I have a job to go to each morning, my school is paid for through the summer and I'm able work towards what I want to accomplish. Bottom line is I know nothing is ever set in stone, but at the same time it's comforting to know there's some sort of security blanket in place. At this point, I'm not quite seated on that blanket, but I know it's somewhere under me and for now, at least, I'm okay with that.

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