23 May 2011

Sometimes life is a shitty mess.

I went on a road trip of sorts this past weekend. I played driver to my nephew, sister and mom. When we finally arrived at the room, my nephew couldn't resist a quick jump on the bed. Lol. While I was inspecting the place I came across this cup sitting ever so lovingly on the microwave. Of course, after reading that the first thing I went to do was look at the bathroom. In my mind I was expecting to see a flooded room with boo boo smeared across the walls, but thankfully there was none of that. Lol. My sister and I did a couple of test flushes and it worked perfectly. So, the only question I have to ask is if that happened to the guests that were there before us, then why was the cup left there and not thrown away before we arrived? I'd like to think the cleaning person at some point noticed it.

On the bright side, so far none of us have any complaints of rashes, bites, weird bumps or itching. LOL

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