27 June 2011

This weekend was pretty eventful. I received some awkward news and although it hurt me to the point of tears, I had to consider the source. I like to think that only God knows what is in store for us and so I'm choosing to be optimistic about it. Perhaps at a later date I'll discuss further what was said. For now, I'll just pray for the best.

Saturday my friend Queen hosted game night. There was food, drinks and great fun. It really gave me a chance to let go of my thoughts and just have a good time. We played different dance games on the Wii gaming system and it was truly so much fun! Of course, we had to play Catch Phrase as well as our favorite game of any occasion: Have you ever? Around one in the morning one of the girls started getting a little too relaxed and fell asleep. LOL .. After we kicked her out (just kidding) we went back to having fun. =) I'm definitely ready for this three day weekend we have coming up. I'm super excited to see my bf and to have an extra day off.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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