26 September 2011

Have you ever had texters remorse? This is a real condition. From time to time I suffer from this. LOL .. I was literally making fun of my friend for being a total vagina about texting a guy she liked. Now today, I'm the one who's thinking twice about texting someone. Only I did text and I haven't heard anything back. I couldn't decide what to text so I think I just went with something like, "Hey." It's not original, but at least its a conversation starter. Now I'm just kinda waiting to see what happens. So nerve wrecking. >_<  In my friends case the guy responded. Granted, he acted like he didn't know her, but it was still a response nonetheless. Should I be grateful that at least I'm not getting a text back that reads, "Hey, fuck off."? In a panicked rage I deleted the text from my phone. I know it doesn't magically erase the text from ever having been sent, but as the old saying goes, "out of sight out of mind." Ugh. Lol...

To be continued. 

Update: I got a text back. Everything is gravy! I panicked for no reason. LOL

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