23 January 2012

I hate that I'm even about to discuss this, as I've known people on either side of the issue. Let me just put it out there that I in no way condone, promote or encourage people to cheat on their respective partners. With that being said...

A friend of mine called me today with the story that two different females called a mutual friend of ours to ask if she was cheating with their husband and/or boyfriend. Thats right, not one female but two. Of course, she denied any wrong doing, but the thing that killed me was the fact that she actually got annoyed that they called her.

Now, I can't say for sure that she did indeed cheat, but I know she put herself out there to. And to be honest, thats not for me to judge. She has her life and I have mine. What I wanted to talk about was how she actually got upset that they called her. Granted, I see her point. What is calling the other woman gonna do? Yes, it proves the point that now you know she is with your man. But what if she denies it? What if she laughs it off like my friend did? What does that do to your situation? Does it help anything? Not really. On the other hand, why not make that call? What if the person didn't know? Why not show you have the balls to call them out? After all, in that position wouldn't you want to do the same? I know if it were me I'd stalk them both. Thats right I said both. Why the hell not? I wouldn't want them to be the only ones having fun. Besides, I'd want to know for sure that she didn't know he was with me. Of course, this is only if I was married. If I was just dating someone I don't think I'd go through the effort. Marriage is a different ball game. Oh I'd have my fun alright. In my mind I'd do something gangster and really classic... movie worthy. Lol. Oh yes, it would be good. :)

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  1. I would def call someone and ask them- U can't expect a man to tell the truth and I guess in this case u can''t even expect a woman to tall the truth either- I guess those woman will never know that both their men and the girl- were doing them wrong :/