03 August 2012

Uh, actually let's insert plus. America's Next Top Plus Model. ;)

Yesterday while browsing around the interwebs, I came across a request from someone wanting plus size bodies to use for a photography project.  Once I made sure there was no nudity involved, I decided to offer my services and sent over a pic along with some contact information. Maybe half an hour later I get a phone call from someone from a talent agency. Apparently the director of the branch saw my photo and wants me to come in for an evaluation. So naturally, I make sure no money is involved, do some quick research on the agency and then agree to come in. I have an appointment for Monday and I must admit I am nervous. I really wasn't expecting to get a call from an agency, I thought I would just be doing someone a favor at most. So now as the nerves swim inside my tummy I face the realization that this is what I've always wanted. I know the chance for rejection is incredibly high, but I have to try. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and perhaps this is the beginning to a journey I was meant to have. Whatever happens (and I hope something great does happen) I'm trying to remember that nothing is going to come easy and I might not like what they have to tell me. I have to prepare myself for disappointment. I mean, even some of the most beautiful and successful models (ahem, Tyra Banks) had been told at least once before. So whatever happens I'm not going to let it bother or shake me.

To quote an awesome movie, "You is smart, you is kind, and you is important."  That much, no one can ever take from me.


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