20 August 2012


When I saw this cute top from Torrid, I couldn't help myself! I logged right in and added it to my shopping cart. The other day when I got home I had this cute little package waiting for me on my bed. I couldn't wait to open it because I knew what was waiting just for me. :)

Admittedly, I'm horrible at ordering clothes online. My clothes size seems to flunctuate. One day I'm a 3, the next I'm a 5. Lol. So, it comes to no surprise that I ordered this top a little too big. I know the pics aren't great, but I honestly couldn't wait to show you guys how cute it looked. I mean, even if no one else agrees, I felt like I looked awesome. LOL. That's all that matters. :)


Please don't judge my crazy hair. LOL. I was just about to throw a load in the wash and take a shower. But, like I said I couldn't wait. If you guys are interested in purchasing this super comfy and cute top, just click here.


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