29 October 2012

No_Drama's Story

Over the weekend I attended one of my bff's brothers' Halloween costume party! I had a GREAT time. :) There were so many different costumes- from witches, goddesses, Elvira, to even a pimp and his hoe! Lmao... The dj was perched on the second floor balcony and played nothing but crunk/dance/hip hop music. I'll be the first to admit my dancing skills aren't the best, but everyone was super cool and took the time to shift me in the right direction. Lol. The decor was abundant with ghouls, blood and smoke. If dancing and drinking wasn't your thing, they had a big screen with Rob Zombie's gory take on Halloween showing. The night was awesome and I'm really glad I had a chance to go. 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Xo  

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