05 December 2012

                                      A scene from the motion picture 16 Candles

Last night I had my own movie magic moment. It was like a scene out of one of those John Hughes movies where you unexpectedly find the guy standing outside by his car waiting just for you.

I was having one of the worst days yesterday when my bf called to invite me over to his place for dinner. Normally, I'm never really one to decline an invitation, but last night I told him we would have to rain check it. Immediately he knew something was wrong. Lol. At first I didn't want to tell him, but he kept pressing me. Finally, in a burst of tears I confided all the things that were going wong. He tried to console me, but mostly he begged me not to cry. Lol. Once I had gotten myself together, I told him I was going to study a bit and then go to sleep. He agreed and said he would check on me later. About 45 minutes later I get a phone call from him to go outside to see if a package he had ordered had arrived. At first I told him no, that I would look in the morning, but when he said it was a Christmas gift that showed it had been delivered sometime around the time I had been crying I went ahead and got up. To my surprise, he was standing in my driveway, leaning against his red Camaro just like Jake Ryan had in 16 Candles.


It was like a fantasy that I didn't even know I had had just come true! I can't even really explain it. In that moment- that small gesture, I had somehow fallen even more inlove with him.

Instantly, I was transported through time to every 80's movie I had ever seen and loved. This was my moment. I couldn't help but cry again. He hugged and held me for a second, kissing away my flowing tears. When we finally pulled away, he held out a bag of ice cream he had bought us. Who doesn't eat ice cream in depressing moments, right?  Lol.

Although yesterday's bad day will soon be a thing of the past, I will never forget the way I felt in those wonderful moments. That is a memory worth keeping.

It was the best worst day of my life.


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