09 April 2013

I am dead tired. These past few days we've been doing a bit of "Spring Cleaning" and I got to tell you that I think we're Hoarders.

Although, I must admit I think we're more of the comfortable "you have a lot of stuff tucked away in random places" type of people than the pile on "I can't sit, eat, walk, or breathe" type- not that there's much of a difference. At the end of the day clutter is clutter and I've had a hell of a time picking up shit and throwing it away.

The good news is we don't have food containers from 10 years ago rotting away in corners waiting to be discovered as some cure for a rare and practically unknown disease. There won't be any dead bodies found under piles and piles of long forgotten clothes. No, we're more civilized than that. Lol. Our junk was once fond memories. The type of stuff that pack rats like us find hard to throw away; baby clothes, old school books, heinously outdated shoes...

The funny thing is when you "collect" so much stuff you never truly realize how much of a problem it is until it needs to be moved or thrown away. I honestly didn't think our house could contain so much random junk. And I guess because I lived in it for so long, I didn't even really notice the clutter as a problem. Of course, my brother in law threatening to submit our house as a potential feature on the show Hoarders should have tipped me off, but it didn't- until now.

I realize that it's not good for our health to keep so much stuff packed into corners, drawers or cabinets and just have them there collecting dust. How much more beneficial to someone else could all those clothes be to someone who truly needs them? 

So if you or anyone you know is gonna do a little Spring Cleaning, consider donating to your goods to one of your local charities. There are plenty of people who could use your unwanted treasures.


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