05 December 2013

This year the bf and I decided to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with his family in Tennessee. It was a long, but beautiful 13 hour drive! By the end of it, we were on each others nerves. Lol. The first thing I see when we pull in to his moms driveway was this huge, massive, gorgeous tree! I was inlove!! Shortly after, it started to snow. Of course, to this native Texan it was a big deal. We cuddled, played and I snapped away photos. My poor love couldn't hang though, and passed out on the couch. (Don't tell him I took this photo! Shhh! Lol)

My first real day of touring was the third day we were in town. There's this beautiful park in Nashville called the Centinnial that feautres all these replicas of Greece, including this massive golden statue of Athena. Much of the museum is a no picture zone, but what I could capture I tried to give it justice. There's just no way to adequately bring these images to live. A definite must see if you ever plan to travel to Nashville.

My bf's mom and her fiance were kind enough to take me to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens which features this beautiful mansion that was decorated with very colorful Christmas trees in almost every room. The property, which still stands in all its magnificence, has since been converted to a museum. As you can imagine, many of the rooms are a no photography zone, but I think I managed to capture a few gems. :)

These pics are from our tour of an old automibile factory that has been rennovated into a few shops and what looked like to be a museum. There was so much to look at everywhere we went. I wish I could upload all the pics I took that day, but sadly my host site is acting a damn fool. In any case, I hope you can get a feel of the cool stuff and the history behind what we saw.

We had one more stop before we came back home. Although I enjoyed every part of my trip, this was probably the highlight of it...... :)

Of course our trip to Tennessee wouldn't be complete without a tour of the Jack Daniels distillery! LOL Obviously they weren't gonna let us take pictures of everything, but hearing the story behind the man that is Jack Daniels was so incredibly fascinating. We got to tour the entire facility and our tour guide Michael was the absolute best! For a small price we were able to enjoy the sampling tour which meant, yes, we got to sample 3 of Jack Daniels finest flavors. To say I was in heaven was an understatement!

Sadly, this was where our trip came to an end. The next day we were back in the car for another 13 hour drive. :(  After a shameless selfie of course. :P

Whatever you guys did over Thanksgiving, whether you celebrated or not, I hope you found yourself in great company. Thanks for taking a look at our small adventure. Hopefully, next year will bring more opportunities to make many more wonderful memories.


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