29 November 2010

Til Death Do Us Part

I made a marriage pact with one of my best guy friends forever ago and tonight we revisited the terms of our agreement. I think when we first decided that we would marry each other we were just content with the idea of growing old with someone. Now, as the time approaches (just under 6 years .. LOL) we keep adding all these stipulations. Here are just some of the few we've come up with:

1) We MUST be sexually compatible. I never thought about it much back then, but trust me I've heard horror stories about how not being sexually compatible can sometimes lead to divorce. Considering we're each others back up plan I think it wise to at least talk about what we like/dislike in bed.

2) Culinary skills. While he feels my place is in the kitchen, I'm more modern in thinking if he's hungry he'll cook. Clearly, we still have a few kinks to work out in this department, but as long as the other is open to negotiation then we should be fine.

3) We're Mr. & Mrs.- not roomies. Sure its an "arranged marriage", but its a marriage no less. We're still bound by the same rules as "real" married couples; no cheating, no dishonoring and no mistrust.

4) Going the distance. Within the next few years my friend plans on moving across the country. The me today would say, "goodbye and send me a postcard," but if I were to hold up my end of the deal then that would require me to pack my bags as well. Although I love to travel, I'm not exactly crazy about change. This, if nothing else, might just be the deal breaker.

Has anyone ever made a marriage pact? What were your terms? Are we asking for too much? Did we leave anything out? Leave me your thoughts and comments.

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  1. Ok first of all I'd like to say "that's wht i'm talkin bout scabido" woooo-hoooo!! loves it! now back to the lecture at hand hehe..dnt knw if I hve an opinion on havin' a marriage pact but oh yes i do. Just slipped my mind I guess tht I did hve such a pact with one of my best friends in the world whose no longer with us. R.I.P. Shawn DeShazo Johnson. Ok we had this pact to be fulfilled r should i say come to fruition for the set age of 33 dnt ask me y we choose tht age but we did. :) Needless to say he passed away (killed) at the age of 30 (just a couple days past turnin' 30 actually) and never saw wht might've been. Even though we both probably knew we would've never married one another. It was just the point of like u said growing old with someone who knows ur very soul. Well I am at wrk gal so I'll hit u later. Great topic today! Love ya gal...:) Pictures!Pictures!