31 January 2011

Bar Hopping

Whenever my bff and I get together we always end up doing something spontaneous. This past weekend was no exception. Although I can't divulge every detail of our evening, I can show a few pics.

We started off wondering around the streets of downtown. I saw this cool statue and wanted to take a pic. She thought it was lame, but I dug it. Thus is the statue pic. Across the street from that statue lies a bar called Warren's. Thats where we started off our night. The lighting was dim with only a few lights scattered about the place. Other than that, every table was provided with one candle as a light source. Huge grand mirrors complete the decor of the tavern-esque bar. The mood in there was kind of melancholy. Anyone in need of a picker upper probably wouldn't find it there. With songs such as, "I Never Loved  A Man (The Way I Love You)" by Aretha Franklin playing softly in the background, it makes you appreciate the very strong cheap drinks. My poison of choice being Crown Royal and coke. Yes, I'm a whiskey girl. =)

After a while the scene got to us. We wanted to be happy drunks so we met up with another friend and went over to the Scottish Arms. That place was really cool because it had a vault right in the middle of the bar that lead to a lounge area complete with couches and books. It also had some other really cool decorations but when I went to upload the pics I accidently deleted everything. Womp womp. Hopefully we can go back and I can snap some more.

On a side note: I love meeting and mingling with people from different countries so if you're into the same then the Scottish Arms would definitely be the place to go.

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