18 January 2011

I loved this weekend. My bf and I started it off by picking up my niece and treating her to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. I know, I'm suppose to be on a diet. Shhhh .. while my bf was in town I decided to make it a "cheat weekend." I really didn't do too badly. Really, I didn't. Lol. The bf and I then drove around for a bit and came across a really cool looking building. I didn't know it then, but it's actually one of the federal reserve buildings. We were taking a few pics when the guard started to walk over and we thought it best to leave. HaHa .. We then made our way over to a local bakery called La Victoria. It's located in Magnolia and is the BEST place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even though I wanted to pig out on the sweets I just ordered a chicken torta. I was too hungry to photograph it though. As soon as it hit the table I was om nom noming. Lol. In the evening we hit up a place called Bohemeo's located in the East End. That was a blast. It was open mic night and the people who had the balls to participate were awesome! The place doubled as an art gallery so we were able to walk around and take pics of everything. It was a different atmosphere than I'm use to. I'm more of a billiard type person so it was a great change of pace. We had an insanely good time listening to the live performers, drinking caramel flavored coffee and eating the house special brownies. =)   

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