04 March 2011

The morale of the story is NEVER give up. If something is important to you then don't let anything or anyone stand in the way of achieving your dreams/goals.

It's a hard rule of thumb to follow, trust me...

After work yesterday I headed down to the college I attend to speak with a counselor. She informed me that I had taken the same class twice and that I had even taken classes I didn't need. Well, before I register for my classes I always try and speak with a counselor just to make sure I'm on track with my degree plan. I don't understand how this could have happened. What makes the situation worse is that it's not the first time it has happened. So for someone like me who has to pay out of pocket, this whole entire situation sucks. I thought I would be able to apply for graduation, but now I find out I need 5 more classes to complete my degree. I'm so fucking frustrated its not even funny. All I can think about is the gas prices reaching damn near $4.00 and these classes. Did I mention that I also drive a suburban (that I'm still paying on) and my job is in the process of doing another round of layoffs?

I feel so stressed and pressured. Last night all I wanted to do was cry and kick someone's ass. It's really not fair that I'm in this situation, but what else can I do but suck it up and handle my business. Nothing in life is going to be easy and all the greatest things are never readily handed to you. So, like everything else in my life, I must work for it. After I had my "woe is me" fest, I checked online for classes and registered for the mini term. I also found a class I can take in the summer, but I have to wait a few more weeks before I can register for that semester.

So yea, thats my story. Life can definitely be a bitch, but sometimes it makes for the best experiences. And hey, what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, right?


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