28 March 2011

My boyfriend came to visit me this past weekend. We didn't do much but lay around, watch movies, and tickle each other. Every now and then I like to suggest things to see if he would actually go along with my brilliant ideas. So far he's been game to shave my legs, allowed me to straighten his wavy/curvy beard, he put my makeup on for me (so what if he made me look like a blind drag queen?), and even cut my toe nails. At first he made a stinky face, but as you can see he eventually chopped them bad boys. Lol. Look how intensely he's concentrating!! Hahahahahaha ... Aw .. good times. Anyway, as a treat for being such a good sport I made him a home made pizza. Well, I took it out of the box and slid it into the oven. =)

Eat your heart our Martha Stewart.

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