29 March 2011

Where's my study buddy?

I've been trying to figure out my class schedule since forever. I knew by the fall semester I wanted to have the bulk of what I needed done so that way I can concentrate on my final Math class and Chemistry II. Right now I'm in Trigonometry and I thank the heavans above that this class is almost finished. The professor has been great and I've met some really cool people, but trig just isn't my thing. I signed up for the mini term, so once trig is over with I think I have a week before my Govt II class begins. That lasts 3 weeks and then I'm on to Sociology and Art Appreciation for the summer term. I was going crazy trying to get those damn classes in order. It seemed like every class I clicked into overlapped in time. So, this summer I'll have to forfeit my Saturdays so I can accomodate my classes. It's going to be hell for a little while because this summer my department is suppose to move to another building. So they wanted us to try and come in on the weekends to make the transition a little smoother. I guess I'll just have to figure out how to balance everything. I'm really very excited though. I'm so close to graduation. I never thought I would make it.  Although I say graduation like I'm never going back to school. Because of my career choice I'll always be in school. Lol. I'm just so happy that this goal is finally being achieved. Well, let me wait a few months and then say that. =)

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