31 March 2011

While Mel and I were waiting for one of our friends to tutor us, we thought we would take a quick snack break at Starbucks. Studying really can build up an appetite! Lol. I'm still avoiding sweets, so I decided on a nice plain toasted bagel with cream cheese. Mel, on the other hand, opted for a delicious looking cheese danish with a tall latte. 

I just love Starbucks! Not just for the tasty treats, but for the ambience. I love looking at all the smart people with their laptops and papers. Doing what I'm assuming is an important midterm on a fascinating and challenging topic. They always look so engulfed in what they're doing. Of course, they could just be surfing the net, but I like to think they're doing something much more meaningful. Oh Starbucks how I love thee! =)  

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