02 March 2011

So I was surfing around facebook and came across an article that Cosmopolitan magazine did about obsession. Apparently the chick whom the article was about set up fake facebook accounts to stalk her exes and current boyfriend.

Okay, now I'm not going to admit to anything, but I can understand wanting to know what your exes are up to. I mean, seriously, deep down even if no one wants to admit it, we all at one point or another wanted to know that our exes lives have sucked since the moment they walked out of ours. Not saying I've ever been dumped, but uh............ Anyway. Even then, as much as I wanted to CONFIRM that the evil slut troll they were rebounding with wasn't shit compared to me, I haven't gone as far as to make any fake accounts. Then again, as messy as some of the people I know are, I never really had to do much digging. Well, thats a lie. I did snoop over one ex. To my surprise he admitted he kept tabs on me too, so I don't feel as psycho stalkerish about it. Ha!

The interesting thing about the article was the fact that she kept tabs on her current boyfriend as well. My thing is, if you don't trust him then why be with him? It makes me wonder what kind of shit she's been through that would make her go to such extremes. Because lets remember, she stalks both her exes and boyfriend. Thats wanting your cake and eating it too. Obviously she's having issues letting go of her past relationship, but she's also having issues trusting her current one. It's like she's obsessed with everyone she's been involved with. That's some psycho crazy shit that you hear about on the news. One day ol' girl is gonna snap crackle and pop.

I have so much more to say about this, but school awaits. Maybe I'll come back and edit this to finish the discussion.

Til then loves!

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