05 April 2011

Lately I've been thinking of my ex. Little things remind me of him, of us, and lately its been a little difficult to keep him out of my head. I know for sure I'm over him, but I can't help but to think of him when I hear songs he once dedicated to me, or pass by places we use to frequent. I still have the clothes, jewelry and other gifts he gave me. Is it wrong that I kept those things? Obviously I still have our pictures, though they aren't framed or even displayed, but is it still weird that I didn't burn everything? Lol. I mean, isn't that what people usually do?

Eh, on the flip side, its not all great things that I remember. I still have thoughts of the last night I saw him. Of how his mom was a little too pleased to tell me he had been keeping a very big secret from me and the look of pure satisfaction on her face when she told me what it was. I remember that summer. How I was willing to risk everything for him and how he wanted nothing to do with me. I remember how he chose a lifestyle that wasn't fit for him and then lost it all a mere 2 weeks later.

Everything happens for a reason. By now he's probably married, fathered some kids, remade his life over. I hold no grudges. I wish him happiness, peace and love in life. We remain how we have been all these years.

Not friends. Not enemies.  

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