18 April 2011

My bf's step brother got married over the weekend. It was a lovely ceremony. =) I tried to capture the moment by taking as many pictures as my camera could keep up with, but it didn't work out so well. Lol. Alot of blurry, fuzzy out takes. Here are a few of the ones that came out decent.

Going to weddings always makes me wonder about my own. Small or big? Catered or buffet? Dress or pants? LMAO .. I kid. Although when I was younger I swore I would never wear dresses, even to my own wedding. I'm still not very comfortable in them, but at least I've relaxed enough to say I do want to wear a lovely dress on that special day. I will also admit to the fact that I DO NOT want an outside wedding. It's just too hot to not be inside somewhere. And I plan to have big, wedding day hair and glamorous "I'm getting tied down today so you guys who had your chance lost it BIG TIME" make up that can not under any circumstances be ruined.

Anyway, did anyone notice I've kinda let my exercise routine slip? Yea ... I plan on jumping back on it though. It was just a short break. I blame school, really. Lol. Nah, I kid. I take responsibility for it. I'm going to get back on track though, I promise. =)

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