28 April 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton shot by Mario Testino

My excitement is through the roof! I can not believe the wedding is tomorrow. I can't even begin to imagine how they are feeling. Everyone says that the life Kate is marrying into is going to be incredibly difficult, but in a way I feel like maybe that won't be so. They have been together for damn near 10 years and in that time he has protected her like she was his child. I have no reason to believe that after they get married anything would change. And above all they are marrying for love. This isn't just some arrangement between families, this is absolute "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" love. I'm just so happy for them! And how gorgeous do they look together? Ugh, I almost can't stand it! I adore this picture. Mario Testino couldn't have captured a greater moment. They both look brilliantly happy.

I'm so excited to watch history take place. As soon as I get home I'm going straight to sleep so I can wake up and watch the wedding. Sounds crazy right? Lol.. I know, but like I said I feel this "connection" to them. Like if my brother was getting married or something. HaHa... It's so very hard to explain. All I know is I'm excited and anxious and it isn't even my wedding! Lol.. Wish me luck on waking up. Knowing me I'll probably sleep right through it. Ugh, I better not!

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