26 April 2011

I'm so bored.

I've always wanted a tattoo. A couple of years ago I got a wild hair up my ass and got one. I almost hate to say, but I'm starting to feel the urge to get another one. Only this time I have no idea what I want. I know I want something small and easily covered, so I was thinking of maybe a skull and cross bone in my ear, or maybe the numbers 1007 in some kind of cool font. Then I thought about maybe getting a spider, but seeing as how my vision and memory are bad I would hate to scare myself to death. 

My first tattoo means the absolute world to me, but every now and then I have people ask me if its some kind of devil worshipping symbol. The short answer is no. The actual meaning of the tattoo is a little hard to explain. It's called a heart a gram. When searched you'll find its the symbol for a band called HIM. Just know that I'm not a big enough fan of anyone to want to tattoo myself with a band symbol. LOL. For me, it means trying to find balance in love and life. I was at a weird point in life when I finally decided to get it. For some reason that symbol was close in mind and heart. I've come a long way since.

I'm actually a big fan of hand tattoos. I know it's kind of ghetto and all, but done right it can really be tasteful. Lol .. who am I kidding? I'd probably get something like this: 

Not too bad, right? Lol.

Eh, then again ink is such a permanent thing. Maybe I should get a piercing of some sort. I've always wanted the monroe. Although I must admit I'm a little scared of getting a facial piercing because I don't want to scar my face. So maybe I'd do better with an ear piercing instead. Something like the industrial. Hmmmm... now there's a thought.

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