26 April 2011

It's Ms. Juju Bee Bitches

One thing about me is I always give props where props are due. I'll be the first person to admit to someone that I'm a fan of anything about them. Well, unless they're full of themselves in which case I keep it to my damn self. In this case, I must give props to the gorgeous Ms. Juju Bee. Bitch is FIERCE. Oh and can you believe that she is actually a he? Thats right. I am soooo jealous. Everything about her is on point. I wish I could put on makeup as flawless as this.  When I first saw her on RuPaul's Drag U I instantly became a fan. She has this swag about her that I find so appealing. She's confident, but not overly so that you want to hate her. I really appreciated how down to earth and authentic she was. It's all about confidence and I think when she coached the women she really tried to bring that part out of them out. It's one thing to say you're beautiful and another to believe it. Ms. Bee is such an inspiration and I just want to put out there that she made a fan out of me and probably a million other people. Real recognizes real baby so that bitch better KEEP WORKING IT!  

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