11 May 2011

It's only Wednesday and already I feel like I've had such a long week. I guess it's because alot of heavy stuff has been going on. First, on Monday Mel and I took our trig finals. I gotta be honest and say it went alot better than I thought it would, but still, it was really hard. Of course now I'm rethinking the whole semester. I keep telling myself I could have done better. Ugh, whatever though. It's over. I did my best, so as long as I pass I'm cool. Almost immediately following the exam I left out of town with my mom, sister and nephew. My aunt was having surgery so we rushed to be at her side. We got there around 2 in the morning, so we didn't get a chance to really rest since we had to be at the hospital by 5. I snore ridiculously loud when I'm tired so I knew if I didnt want to embarrass myself I had to stay awake. The bulk of the time there we spent entertaining my nephew JJ. I got to admit, when other kids were behaving shitty JJ made us proud by not. He's still a little dork, but at least he was a behaving dork. Somewhere throughout the day I caught a guy leaned over on the chairs asleep. I snapped a picture out of pure envy. Lol. There was also this ginger haired guy there and my inner stalker forced me to snap a picture. In my mind he was Prince Harry. LMAO .. I kid. I actually took the picture to send to my friend who has a thing for red heads. She claims she never got the picture, but whatever. I sent it like 4 different times. Anyway, once my aunt made it out of surgery and into her room we said our goodbyes and hit the road. On the drive back home we stopped off at Buc-ee's. It was kinda fun to finally be able to act silly. I managed to talk my sister into posing with Buc-ee. Lol. If you look closely her pants are wet. As I was turning into the parking lot the drink I had in the cup holder tipped over and spilled on her. I would of been mad, but she took it in stride. Lol.   

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