03 May 2011

On Sunday Mel and I went to the gym. She worked me as if I had been exercising my whole life! It's now Tuesday and everything still hurts! No lie. My fingers even hurt. Lol. It's a good pain though. We're suppose to meet up at the gym tonight. While one half of me still hates her for torturing me, the other is excited that I actually have someone who believes in me enough to push me as hard as she does. It's funny because as she's trying to train me all I can think about is the new me that is ready to emerge. I know I have to work hard and I'm ready to do it. The last good meal I had was her moms cooking, so I'm even trying to change how I eat. I don't know how long I'll be able to satisfy myself with salads, apples and yogurt, but for now, at least, it's sustaining me.

I think the craziest part of this whole experience has been my dreams. I haven't been able to sleep that well, but when I do they're so random. Lol. I think this last one was where I was on location at a photoshoot and Princess Catherine was there. At first I didn't see her, but between sets she came over and told me how beautiful the shots were. In my dream she was really sweet and down to earth and we made fast friends. The last thing I remember is joking around with her. It's completely crazy and never going to happen, I know this, but still I hope one day the dream of becoming a real model does come true.

Ah, only time will tell. =)

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