05 May 2011

Alot of people like to claim that no one is really paying attention to anyone else while they're working out, but thats straight bullshit. I know for a fact that people take notice. It's for this reason that making the switch to the new local gym made me a little apprehensive. There are only two locations on my side of town so the chances of running into someone I don't want to see are always pretty high. The first time I went was on a Sunday and no one really works out on the weekends, so I knew I wouldn't have any issues. It was when I went Tuesday that I got kinda nervous walking in. Granted Mel was there and I brought along Kim so I shouldn't have felt awkward, but I did. We went in and did our thing and it was great. As we're walking out I was about to turn to Kim and say something like, "I guess we dodged a bullet" because I knew she kinda had the same concerns as I did. No sooner than my mouth had opened did I turn to see some chick we use to go to high school with. Ol' girl was staring me down like she had spotted David Beckham or something. My heart sank. I turned to Kim and instead said, "Damn, spotted one." As she scans the room I turn back to see ol' girl whispering something to her friend and then both of them turning and laughing in my direction.

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty well known in high school. I hung out with all types of people and groups so even though I won't go as far as saying I was popular, chances are if you ask someone about me they'll know who I am. At this point Kim doesn't see anybody she recognizes. So I describe where she's at and Kim looks dead at her and still doesn't know who she is. Then I remembered that I only had memories of ol' girl from my 9th grade year. While I was busy with cheerleading, student council, in the drama club and doing co-op I guess ol' girl kinda stood off somewhere in the background. So even though it might have made her day to see me carrying around a few extra love handles, she was at the same place I was working off the same shit I was. So really, what could she say? Not much.

Sometimes you just have to remember to leave people where they are. She wasn't my friend back then and seeing her reaction to me doesn't really inspire me to try to be hers now. So it's one of those "not friends not enemies" type of things. It sucks that she did that because truthfully I wasn't mean back then and I'm not now. I guess some people just like to feel better about themselves. I'll be honest and say it does kinda sting a little, but I can't let anyone take power over me like that. I have goals and if I want to reach them then I have to understand that not all attention will be positive. At the end of the day I can only do me.

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