06 May 2011

I'm extra tired this morning. I went to go exercise (yay me!) but instead of having bursts of energy, I find myself extremely tired. I even forgot my badge for work this morning. It is sitting comfortably in my truck, in the parking garage a few blocks away. While I could take a break to go and get it, I just don't feel like it. So instead I will walk around all day with this nice little clip on badge that says VISITOR on it. Now the only thing I have to remember is to borrow someone elses badge when I leave my section otherwise I'll be locked out. Oh the joys of being a lazy ass. Lol.

Hopefully today will be the only snag in an otherwise perfect weekend. My bf is coming into town and it's Mother's Day on Sunday. Coincidentally this is my last weekend to study as the final exam is on Monday. With so much going on how could it not be a great weekend? =P 

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