11 July 2011

Hey guys!

Imagine you're at a friends' birthday dinner party in a restaurant and there's alot of story telling, high fiving and general awesomeness going on. What would you do if some random stranger in a Kim Kardashian knock off dress came to your table and sat down- out of no where? This is what happened to me and a group of friends on Friday night.

We met up at a place called Champs in Uptown Park to celebrate our friend Brenda's birthday. We were all having a blast when this random girl walks over to our table, pulls out a chair and sits down. At first I thought she was a friend of someone at the table, but after a few exchanges of bewildered looks it was pretty evident that no one knew her. When our table started to fall silent she rambled some lame story about how a guy at the bar was trying to hit on her and she wanted us to pretend we knew her. We all looked around at each other like is she for real? She then pulls out her cell phone and proceeds to tell us to carry on with our conversation. Stunned, I decided to freshen up in the ladies room while another round of drinks were being ordered. As I'm walking back I catch the tail end of her apologizing profusely before getting her stuff and leaving our table. My amusement was quickly put on hold as everyones expression clearly read that they were pissed off. Trying to lighten the mood, I made some joke about how it's rude to pop shit off without me being present. One of the girls then told me that our weirdo guest took it upon herself to carry on a loud cell phone conversation while being seated at our table. Apparently, they weren't taken by her party crasher skills and asked her to leave. Of course, she went back to the bar and sat next to the same guy I can only imagine was the one she was trying to get away from in the first place. After about an hour of both good times and weird glances from the bar, I decided my night was over. I bid them farewell and headed home.

Fast forward to last night/this morning. I wake up to text messages of all the craziness that happened after I left. Apparently while one of the guys from our table was in the restroom someone from the bar went in and started relaying to him how he was hoping to get lucky with that weirdo girl. When my friend referred to her as the "bar slut" I guess the guy told him how she had said that she had gotten kicked out of our table because she was our personal trainer and we were jealous of how "banging" she was. LMFAO... Seriously?! How retarded are you to first of all believe that? And to second not notice when you're being ditched. My friend was all too excited to tell him what really happened. How she asked US to pretend like we knew HER just so she wouldn't have to talk to him. He was shocked. I wish I could have been there to see the look on her ugly ass lying face when she realized the guy was at our table being told the truth about her.

Oh well. Lies always come out eventually. Moral of the story loves is never leave a party early if you don't want to miss all the good stuff and never crash a party if you don't know how to properly do it. Lol


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