07 July 2011

I've been having mixed emotions lately. On one side I'm super happy because my bf is in town and I get to spend time with him. I really missed the feel of his arms holding me and our perfect kisses. Mmmm.... Then there's the fact that I'm almost finished with my sociology class. It ends this week! I'm ecstatic that I get to concentrate on one class now. LOL .. As you can probably guess from the pictures above I went on a bit of a roadtrip with my bf and family. Here's where the bad news comes in. On my way to the hotel I got pulled over by a state trooper and was WRONGFULLY given a ticket. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me mad. While the general trip was enjoyable, I kept thinking about that damn ticket and therefore couldn't wait to come back home. Well, I guess I shouldn't have been too eager because the next day I woke up to find someone had stolen my mirrors off the sides of my truck as well as my spare tire from under it. They even broke off the latch that holds the tire! Ughhhh .. who does that?! I mean, seriously, who in the fuck is so damn desperate that they have to steal someones mirrors?? MIRRORS!!!! Ugh ... I'm so damn disappointed in people. And I can't help but to look at everyone suspect. Like, I find myself giving people the side eye. I hate that I have to be like that. I just can't help it. I work hard for what I have and then to have some no good, low life, stealing bastard take my shit is just too much for me to comprehend. And I know its just material things, I get it, but I just feel so violated. They were in my personal space, touching and taking my things. My truck is the one place I can say is my own and now its tainted.

I just don't know anymore.....

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