19 July 2011

I don't know if anyone remembers me saying I foresaw drama happening Friday evening, but I called it!! Drama happened. If you look on the sixth photo at the only lady on the right side of the table you'll see one of the ladies involved. LOL... Messy, I know! Apparently she's super duper nosey and one of the girls wasn't having it! I had to put a stop to the drama as voices were getting loud and necks were starting to turn and I did not want to end up on youtube! Anyway, we had a blast anyway and the entire weekend made up for anything that happened on Friday.

This whole weekend was dedicated to my sister Cindy and her birthday. We celebrated Friday evening at a mexican restaurant called Papasito's. The food was delicioso! On Saturday we chilled all day at my moms house and watched movies. On Sunday my mom made a brisket, potato salad, mexican rice, ranch style beans, and corn. Later, we sang Happy Birthday to my sister and with the help of my nephew she was able to blow out the candles. LOL... Then we finished out the evening by playing mexican bingo. It was perfect!

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