19 July 2011

On Friday I got called to the front counter because there was a customer here who needed information. When I got there they were checking on a location that requires a specific type of permit that only my co-worker handles. It was a couple of minutes from her lunch hour, but we're allowed to take a late lunch if we're tending to a customer. So, I turn to my co-worker (because she was also at the front counter) and asked about that address. I guess she recognized it because she literally starts yelling about how they call all the time and how she wasn't going to talk to them or answer anymore of their questions before she proceeds to walk out of the counter area into the back, yell some more and then signs out for lunch. Mind you, I'm still at the counter and so are the people along with other customers waiting. Everyone is looking at me like what the fuck just happened. So I do my best to push forward and help them. The truly fucked up thing is that yes, the gentleman did keep calling, but only because he didn't speak english very well and wanted her to talk to his translator. She, by the way, was also at the counter. So not only am I trying to help answer questions about a permit I know little about, but I also have to help her understand well enough to translate to him. So finally, they leave. I see that my boss is here and I go straight into her office to explain to her what the hell just happened. An hour later I walk out. At some point through the day she calls my co-worker in the office and has a chat with her. 

Fast forward to today. I find out that instead of bringing up the fact that what she did goes against everything that working in a customer oriented place stands for, my boss somehow comes to the conclusion that my co-worker hurt my feelings. Only she can't explain to her how she hurt my feelings, for that she suggests she comes to me. Now I'm sitting here wondering what the fuck. Am I crazy? Are you seriously going to disregard the fact that this bitch yelled at a customer infront of everyone, refused to help them, stormed off, talked more shit in the back and then signed out?! At what point is that fucking acceptable? Please let me know because there are some people I'd like to refuse service to. I can not honestly believe that out of the whole hour of me explaining what the fuck happened she's seriously going to say she hurt my feelings. Wow. And now I'm wondering why in the fuck do I work here.   

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