02 August 2011

I was talking with a friend of mine recently and she was telling me how her ex boyfriend called to let her know he was getting married. He then went on to tell her that he had never intended to marry her (my friend) and the reasons why he was excited about marrying his current flame. I have mixed emotions about this.

First of all, when does that conversation become ok? Like, in what mind does a person have to be in to decide that they want to call up an ex to basically brag and throw in that persons face that they're marrying someone else? Or am I just taking this a little too left?

I guess it's a little personal for me because my ex kinda did the same shit. He was so "inlove" and couldn't stop telling me how perfect his chick was. He went on and on about how smart she was, how she made him laugh, how gorgeous her eyes were (and yes, they were... AND NO I DID NOT STALK STOP JUDGING ME!!!...... well, maybe just a little.....), and how he was so proud she was joining the army. Ah, yes. I remember those conversations. Stab stab stab right in the heart.

I suppose most people would appreciate the fact that their ex is decent enough to let them know beforehand that they're getting married instead of seeing someone's tagged photos on facebook of their wedding. I think perhaps the single most greatest satisfaction is when you find out (and you always will) when that relationship/marriage doesn't work out. I'm not bitter, really. But seriously, the fact that this person is even comparing their current relationship to you is a red flag. And if you were really so inlove then you wouldn't think to call your ex. Infact, I think it would be the furthest thought in your mind. I can still remember that phone call. The one where my ex told me Mrs. Perfection had cheated on him with someone she met at bootcamp. Ouch. Lol  On a positive note, thats the very last time he's bragged to me about someone. Karma is a bitch ladies and gentleman.


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