26 July 2011

Let's not pretend we all don't know someone who thinks a little too highly of themselves. I, for one, can name about 5 different broads who fit that bill. Mainly one comes to mind though. Dare I say her name?!....


I'm more than sure the bitch googles herself and at the risk of her creaming in her pants at the thought of someone blogging about her I'd rather not. What pisses me off about this woman, or should I be down right honest and say older woman, is that she talks about people as if she's somehow better than them. Last time I checked she was a no one like the rest of us, so for her to talk down on people is just desperate and pathetic. There's nothing worse than a nobody who tries to act like a somebody by putting people down. It's ridiculous. I wish she would quit trying to make herself sound more important than she is. She's a wannabe designer who seriously thinks she's a celebrity. She dubbed her teenage sons her "bodyguards" and frequently either pictures or makes videos of herself with her family and titles it "Entourage." It would be cute except in her warped mind she has actual bodyguards and an entourage. LMAO She's an attractive woman, but when you act as lame as that the physical beauty quickly fades. I'm all for self promotion, but please lets not forget the fact that outside of Southwest Houston (and thats being VERY generous) people have never heard of you. So please stop acting like you're Dolce fucking Cabana. 


Thats all.

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