19 August 2011

It's been ridiculously hectic for myself and all my coworkers lately, so my friend (and coworker) Tashia decided we needed a little liquid "pick me up." The end result was a Strawberry-Kiwi Lemonade made especially for us. Since there is alcohol in it, I decided one was best. Lol

I ordered a plate of wings to help balance my drink, while Tashia opted for a delicious looking salad. I was too much of a heffer to take a picture of the food though. By the time it got to the table I was ready to eat! HaHa... Tashia and her (twin) son Dre completed their meal with a fudge brownie that had a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whip cream on top. I would have totally gotten one, but I was stuffed. Maybe next time.

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