23 August 2011

OMG... Over the weekend me and one of my besties Kim went to see this movie. I think we both thought it was going to be one of those "happily ever after" movies. Uh, no. Sorry to spoil it loves, but you are going to need a tissue. And maybe even a couple of drinks after.

The craziest and probably saddest part is I think Kim and I both related to the characters in the movie. In one scene we were Dexter and in another we were Emma. It was a roller coaster of emotion. It was like literally seeing part of our lives on the big screen. Immediately after the movie there was a feeling of regret. Yes, we almost regretted seeing the movie! Not because it was bad, on the contrary. It was so good and hit so close to home that it was almost unbearable. We literally had to stop and discuss how emotionally ready we were to see that movie. LOL...

Of course I completely give it two thumbs up. It really is a beautiful story about friendship and love. And I tell you, it really does make you question your life, self and relationships.

And seriously, I have the biggest girl crush on Anne Hathaway! She is so above and beyond words. Her co-star in the film wasn't bad to look at either. He is now my latest obsession!

 Hello Jim Sturgess!

Look at those eyes. Ugh, kill me now. I love him.


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