18 October 2011

I feel like I have so much to tell you! Ok, first things first. We got two puppies!!! A friend of mine basically rescued them and needed them placed in good homes. We were only suppose to get one, but who could say no to those faces?!!! Besides, they're brothers and you can't split up family. :)

The other big news is my niece Vanessa (pictured above) is pregnant. We recently found out and are still in a bit of shock. I'll be honest and say that initially I was disappointed. She's only 19 and a freshman in college. Not just that, but she's on scholarship. So it wasn't ideal to find out that she was pregnant. But, we love her and offer her nothing but support and love. Whats done is done. All we can hope for is a healthy baby. It is our hope that she can continue her education and we'll do everything in our power to make sure that she is able to do so. Ultimately, though, the decision is hers. I'll keep you guys posted.  

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