18 October 2011

Unfortunately, life isn't always fairy tales and pigtails. We don't always skip hand in hand with the people we love. Sometimes, in the real world, we have arguments and disagreements. And sometimes, life and other outside factors take a toll on our relationships too. Although we are all human and this can be expected from time to time, it still doesn't take away from the fact that when it does happen it really sucks. One of my best friends and I are going through a "rough patch." What makes it hard is that this is the person I have always leaned on. We've always had a weird and yet fascinating connection. We just understood each other from the very beginning. It's always been that way. So it doesn't really come as a huge surprise that this is happening to us. I knew it would. I was just hoping it would have happened later rather than sooner or, of course, never at all. Alas, some things are inevitable. I guess not every relationship stands the test of time. For some, we tend to grow at different rates and in different directions. It doesn't always mean a death sentence, but rather a re-evaluation of relationships. Perhaps it's Gods way of saying we need variety in our lives. She will always be an important and meaningful person in my heart and soul, but for now at least, we are traveling on two different roads. Perhaps somewhere down the line our paths will cross again.

Til then, safe travels.


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