24 November 2011

Velvet D'Amour. Ugh, I love this woman. 

To all my American loves, Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

What started out as a truly wonderful day quickly went to hell. You see, as much as I hate to admit it, I can be a bit of a "Sensitive Sally." You'd think growing up around a bunch of sisters I'd have thicker skin, but the truth is I'm very much the opposite. I know what its like to be bullied and to have people talk down to you, so I try my hardest not to be that way. My mom always said that you can be the most beautiful person in the entire world, but if you're an ugly person on the inside it reflects to the outside. I always took that to heart. So I don't intentionally say or do things that I know would hurt someone else. My sisters, on the other hand, never learned that there are some things that aren't very polite to talk about. Mainly weight. Or, should I say, my weight. Now this isn't something new, I've talked about it before. I have meat on my bones and I'm not ashamed of it. In fact, I love myself. It's true that I would like to lose weight, but not because I want to please anyone. I want to do it for me. Aside from health reasons, there should be no other reason why anyone should feel "pressured" into losing weight. With all that being said, my sister takes it upon herself to ask me if I've ever thought about having surgery to assist me with losing weight. Now, I don't look down on it and I don't look down on those who have had it. But, I am young enough to be able to exercise on my own and lose the weight. Plus, I'm not in a state where I would have to have the surgery. I am big, yes, but still fully functional. I kinda feel like the surgery should only be used as a last resort. The thing that hurts me the most is my sister was once big, so as someone who's been in those shoes, why would you feel like its okay to comment on or in a sense criticize someone elses size when you yourself didn't like it. Especially because I had just walked into the room when she decided to make that conversation. How is that ever okay? The answer is its not. Obviously my sister has bigger issues that go beyond me. Maybe she still has issues with her weight that she's projecting onto me. I don't know. All I do know is its never okay to make your problems someone elses. I don't need to be told that I am big. Thank you Captain Fucking Obvious. What I do need you to do is support me. If I tell you I want to lose weight, maybe offer to go exercise with me. Never take it upon yourself to suggest that I need to lose weight. That's not your place and as much as you may "mean well" it's never going to be. There are so many other things to focus on. And besides, just because a person is skinny doesn't guarantee them happiness. On the same token, there are many successful plus size women. For example, the beautiful Velvet D' Amour. So thank you for your concern, but fuck you and mind your damn business. 


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