21 November 2011

You probably don't know this about me, but I have the worst luck around the holidays. Its true. I've broken up with someone on Thanksgiving, been broken up with on Father's Day, gotten dumped on Cinco de Mayo, and my last ex broke up with me one week before Father's Day. Lol. It's not all about ex boyfriends either. One of my dearest friends past away three days after Independence Day. And then there was the accident of '95. My sisters and I were driving home on Valentine's Day when a driver decided she didn't want to stop at a red light. She t-boned our suburban with so much force that we flipped 4 times. I still think about that night. Every now and then something will trigger the memory and I swear I'm back in that moment. Even now just talking about it, its like my eyes glaze over and I'm there again. Looking at those lights coming towards me and having no time to react. I just remember the feeling of tumbling and the noise of the glass breaking and the metal bending. And then there was silence. I could feel my sisters hair underneath me. For a moment I was afraid to move. And then the gravity of the situation hit me and before I could stop myself I screamed. Only, I wasn't in pain. I think it was more so a call out to my sisters. I needed them to know I was alive and I needed to know they were alive with me. I could hear the bystanders and witnesses outside yelling that there was a baby in the truck crying, but there wasn't; it was me. I probably think about that night more than I should, but its one of those moments in time that begs to be remembered. So, as the holiday season comes near, I approach it with excitement and caution. I'm always a little unsure about what my luck will bring me. Of course, I pray for the best. :)

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