09 January 2012

This weekend I went on a mini road trip. I'm actually quite happy that so far this year I've been on back to back trips. Leaves me feeling like this year will be the year that starts my world domination. Hahahaha.. Ok, maybe not that, but I've been saying forever that I've wanted to take advantage of my youth and minimum responsibilities and actually see and experience the world! Sure, I've only been to a couple of places around Texas, but the year is young and I can feel that my opportunities to travel and explore are right around the corner. :)

The first two pics are from this morning and were taken from the window in my building. Look how awful it is out there. You can hardly see anything. I guess I should have known the weather would be like this. We didn't exactly have clear skies on our road trip. Lol

Also, my boyfriend surprised me with a new camera so as soon as I can figure out how to properly use it my pictures should vastly improve! I still love the simplicity of my camera phone though. :)

Hope your year is starting out how you imagined it to. Xo

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