15 February 2012

Happy be-lated Valentine's Day loves. Whether you spent the day with someone at heart, in mind, snuggled up close or not at all, I hope you all had a great day. :)

My bf text me early yesterday morning telling me to take pictures. "Of what?", I asked to which I got no response. So naturally, I assumed he must have sent me something at work. I looked out all day at the ladies in my office receiving their packages and gifts and nothing came for me. Then finally, 10 minutes before I was suppose to leave for the day I got a phone call telling me a package had arrived for me. To my surprise my love had sent me this beautiful bouqet, a teddy bear and a card. It's absolutely perfect. He did a great job. What makes it even better was when I got to his place, there was enchiladas cooking in the stove, a chocolate cake on the table and two more bears with candy on the bed. I'm starting to think he's a keeper. ;)

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