15 February 2012

Super fan: Justin Bieber posted this picture on his Twitter page after writing that Avalanna was 'awesome'
My hero: Justin Bieber wrote on Twitter that he was 'inspired' after meeting Avalanna Routh who has fought a rare brain cancer since she was a baby
Full of fun: Avalanna's mother Aileen described the meeting as a 'wonderful, fun moment'
Dreams come true: Justin Bieber and Avalanna spent the afternoon playing board games, giving each other autographs and eating cupcakes
Lots of love: Avalanna Routh, six, who is battling a rare brain cancer had her dreams come true when she met Justin Bieber in New York for Valentine's Day

I'm so in love with this story that I don't even know what to do with myself. I saw this while I was browsing through  the DailyMail's website. The pictures alone pulled at my heart strings, but combined with the story it literally almost brought me to tears. I've never been that much of a Bieber fan, but after today I am really starting to see him in a new light. The short version of the story is this little girl, Avalanna Routh, has been fighting a rare form of brain cancer since she was a wee little baby. She is now 6 years old and her wish was to meet Justin Bieber. After getting in contact with him, he graciously flew her and her family out to New York  to spend Valentine's Day with him. OMG... I am tearing up again! I can't even deal... I'm so proud of his kindness and yet saddened by her situation. All I see is how genuinely happy she is and how genuinely happy he is to be there with her. This is what being a celebrity and a human being is all about. I can't even adequately put into words all that I'm feeling. Oh my, this just makes me so emotional on so many levels.

To read the full article (and I really suggest you do) please visit here. Also, all photos were taken from DailyMail's website.


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