06 February 2012

This past weekend was a big one for American sports fans. Those who were interested saw The New England Patriots play against their rival team the New York Giants. It was a huge game. For most, it came down to either being a Tom Brady fan or an Eli Manning fan. I, of course, am a Manning fan. I don't even really know why. I have always just had such a huge respect for that family. So all American. Two brothers, both quaterbacks, playing for opposite teams. Whats not to love? :)

Anyway, it was a total edge of the seat kind of game. Just when you thought the Giants had it in the bag here comes the Patriots to steal their thunder. The last four minutes of the game I was a total maniac!! I didn't know whether to pace or keep my eyes glued to the screen. That whole hail mary pass... OMG.. my heart literally stopped. Alas, there can only be one winner and I'm proud to say my team won. Congrats to the New York Giants!!! Yay!!!

Who could leave out Madonna's performance?! All I have to say is L-O-V-E!!!!!! Not too crazy about M.I.A. being there or why she felt the need to give the camera her middle finger, but I guess nothing is perfect. I really couldn't have imagined a better show. From start to finish this was by far one of the best superbowls I have seen.

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