09 February 2012

                                                                                           You Again

I had a flashback today. I thought about people and things that I hadn't thought about in what seems like decades. It's amazing how you can go through life without having a thought about someone or something and then all of a sudden it's there- clear as day. While my experiences weren't as traumatic or extreme as in the movie "You Again", it certainly was enough to make me block them out. And I think for the age group I was in at the time (middle school) some of the bullying is normal. Luckily, it never escalated into something that would have sent me into therapy. I just think it's funny how in one moment I'm dealing with having stepped on dog shit, and then the next I'm thinking about mean ass girls/comments from people who don't even matter. And the truth is they never have mattered. I guess subconsciously my mind is telling me to distinguish between the things that matter in life and the things that don't. I've been contemplating alot lately about this one friendship that I have. Perhaps there's a link somewhere. Or maybe I'm just telling myself there is one. Lol. Either way, I'm not going to let those memories ruin my day. So, SCREW YOU BAD MOMENTS FROM THE PAST! Lol. Sometimes you have to tell yourself that. Try it. ;)

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