12 March 2012

Yesterday my bf and I went to go see John Carter at the movie theater. My love was all geeked out in his 3D glasses. LOL .. While I did think the movie was a little cheesier than I would have expected it to be, it wasn't all bad. Definitely didn't think it was worth the $13.75 ticket price though. I think its probably better suited  for a Redbox or HBO viewing. 

Anyway, I kinda found myself distracted by the heroine in the movie. Princess Dejah Thoris- or Lynn Collins in real life- reminded me of a modern day Wonder Woman. Almost the entire movie I kept trying to remember who she looked like. Then it hit me. Linda Carter. She looks like a young Linda Carter. After that I think I was imagining in my head how they should work on a Wonder Woman film and cast her in it. She's really a beautiful woman. And look at those baby blue eyes. Not to mention that thick head of hair. My goodness I'm so jealous. You know, I told myself if I ever had a daughter, I can only hope that she miraculously comes out with big beautiful blue eyes and a thick head of dark hair. A baby Megan Fox or Lynn Collins- thats not too much to ask, right? LOL

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